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Special Interest Tours for Individuals & Groups

CULINARY TOUR & WINE TASTING TOURSTurkish haute cuisine can be traced back to the sumptuous banquets of the Byzantine and Ottoman courts, but the humbler fare available in ordinary homes and simple lunch places is also delicious. A culinary tour will take you to gourmet restaurants, bustling open air markets and private homes, offering you a fascinating insight into the secrets of the Turkish kitchen. As per wine, there is some


evidence that viniculture began in Anatolia. We offer wine tasting with a difference, because in Turkey every glass of wine is a taste of history.


Turkey plays host to 450 species of birds, more than the whole of Western Europe put together. It lies astride major migratory routes and its marshes, lakes, estuaries and deltas are important breeding grounds.


Turkey offers some of the most challenging and visually spectacular golf in Europe. Outside of Istanbul, the best golf is to be found on the Mediterranean, particularly in the Antalya region, where courses, in addition to world class play, offer breathtaking sea views.


Cultural & Religious Tours

RELIGIOUS TOURSAncient Anatolia was home to a plethora to pagan cults of which the most widespread was the
cult of the Great Mother, Cybele or Artemis. Magnificent temples dedicated to Artemis can be
seen at Ephesus, Sardis, and Magnesia ad Meander.

Paganism gave away to Christianity and that in turn to Islam, and by the time of Christ, Jewish communities were well-established in the major cities. We are delighted to offer you to discover Turkey and its roots of religions of the World. Our programmes such as Seven Churches of Revelation, In the Steps of St.Paul and Jewish Heritage will open up new horizons..


Turkey is the birthplace of 12 civilisations. We have so much to share with you. Our Golden Triangle Tour, Treasures of Turkey , The pearls of the Black Sea, Jewels of Southeastern Turkey, The Grand Ottomans, Sultans of Istanbul are to name but a few of our wonderful itineraries..


Blue Cruises & Yachting



There is no better way of exploring Turkey’s idyllic southwest coastline than by taking a cruise in one of the luxury yachts known as gulets. Life onboard your gulet is nothing short of fabulous, with your biggest responsibility being whether to have fresh-caught fish, or go ashore and sample the local cuisine. Whether it’s a small group cruise or an incentive flotilla, Gemini’s cruising experience and carefully tailored itineraries make for unforgettable getaways.


City Tours & Shore Excursions

KUSADASI ; EPHESUSEphesus – one of the leading archaeological sites in the world. Founded at the end of the 2nd millenia, it was always the major commercial sea

port of the great civilizations throughout history.

The grand Celcius Library with its elaborate facade, the Terrace Houses and a colossal theatre with a capacity of 24,000 – which is still used to this day as a concert hall. Not to mention the only Chapel in the world recognized as the House of the Virgin Mary.


A full-day tour of one of the most historic, attractive and unique cities in the world, still accommodating the contemporary way of life together with the traditional.