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Theory of Keyif

Whirling DervishesWhat keyif means in Turkish is pretty much impossible to express in one English word. Keyif is an essence that can come from a wild party or a religious ceremony, a serene evening boat cruise or a fine meal. Keyif can be rendered, variously, as enjoyment, delight, well-being, serenity, ecstasy, or enchantment, but none of these words really captures its essence. At Gemini, we call the end result of what we do keyif, because we believe it encompasses the full range of light-lightheartedness and seriousness that it’s our job to create. Whether it’s a conference, an incentive or a special event, what we do needs to be as much fun as a great party and as productive as a successful meeting or a tour to some of the most spiritual spots on earth where participants discover new depths to their faith.

EntertaintmentBack in 1988, Gemini’s Theory of Keyif was just a hypothesis, taking shape and being refined with experience. In the process of organizing major events, not just meetings but entire festivals, not to mention numerous custom-tailored FITs and larger groups, we learned more about what keyif is and how to create it. We developed strong relationships with Turkey’s leading suppliers from yacht captains to convention centers and finest restaurants. Because we believe in working with people who share our passion not just for excellence but also for creating keyif and for the new and exciting.

Actually, what we realized is that it’s a matter of, with all due respect to Jane Austen, sense and sensibility. Sense because keyif is all about the senses and the pleasure they give, about perception and experience. Sensibility because it takes a special understanding and a special way of doing things to create the environments and occasions that create keyif.

Theory of KeyifTheory of KeyifTheory of Keyif