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About Us

Letter from the Chairman

Dear Partners and Clients,

Turkey is located at a crossroads, linking East and West, bridging the gap between Europe and Asia. As travel professionals, we at GEMINI feel that we have a special role to play. We serve as ambassadors, welcoming visitors to our country.

When they arrive, we introduce them to Turkey’s twin spirit, which is etymologically the source of the name of our company, GEMINI, and the Turkish spirit; Eastern and Western. Guests feel this when they receive a warm and even lavish welcome of the kind that only traditional hospitality can provide. However, when they experience the efficiency and professionalism of our tours, transfers, conferences, incentives or shore excursions, they will know that values of organization, punctuality and precision are equally a part of the Turkish character in terms of business.

This twinned spirit also breeds a special empathy and understanding of visitors’ needs. Our approach is always tailor-made. We create original and creative itineraries and refine them through constant communication with our clients. What is born is a partnership and friendship that embodies the true spirit of travel; people from different cultures learning from one another, enriching themselves and making the world a better place to live. However, serious and high minded this may sound, our Mediterranean nature and amateur spirit pervade everything we do. Our dedication to "Keyif", that uniquely Turkish breed of luxurous pleasure, makes enjoyment the central to every GEMINI travel experience. It has been that way for over two decades since 1988. I am proud to have been able to build a strong and reputable company on the foundation of these principles and to have forged mutually reliance-based partnerships with international leaders in the travel and meetings industry.

Lastly, I invite you to explore our renewed website, discover GEMINI in Turkey and begin imagining all that there is to learn, see, do and enjoy in this fabulous country. We are committed to serve you in a far better way with our renewed website.Then, please take a moment to contact us and let us put our passion for travel and meetings to work creating a custom itinerary for you.

Wishing you lots of “Keyif”…

Ahmet Isik Aykut
Ahmet Işik Aykut

Gemini Team

Conference Adile SultanWe like to think that the Gemini Team is unique in the Turkish Tourism and Meetings Industry. Our Team is a group of consummate professionals, but we keep alive a refreshingly amateur spirit. Years of experience organizing events, incentives and tours for top international companies


have only sharpened our enthusiasm and made us keener to design the most creative, freshest and most exciting events. Our dedication and the way we make our customers into friends is a source of endless pride for us.

Our interest and attention is fully dedicated to the preparation of unique itineraries for our individual travellers as as groups. We design wonderful packages and revise them to fit the specific needs of each and individual inquiry. We keep up with the news in Turkey and bring in whatever could be of interest to our portfolio of offerings..

It’s a pleasure to be able to introduce you to an exceptional team of multi-lingual travel experts, people who remind you every day what fun this business can be.


Our Mission

Enjoying Coffee Pera MuseumGemini’s mission is to provide OUR guests, delegates and travelers with remarkable experiences that combine enjoyment and experience to foster personal development


and motivation, while ensuring that our travel professional partners get the exceptional communication, cooperation and competitiveness that takes to build long-term relationships and business leadership.

There’s a vision behind this, a very human one, based on our own desire for travel, new experiences and keyif. We promise to enrich travelers’ lives, to offer them the kind and quality of experiences we ourselves look for when we travel. The personal touch, attention to detail and insider’s perspective that it takes to create something unforgettable. It’s a lot to promise, but we know how much it means every time we deliver on that promise…


Experience Satisfying the Best

Experience Satisfying the BestBased in Istanbul, since1988, Gemini has organized everything from private events to incentives, congresses


and even entire festivals for some of the world’s top companies and associations, not to mention some of Turkey’s most exclusive and original corporate programs. Our operation spans the entire nation of Turkey, and we offer you the best in every destination.

And what keeps us delivering the best, putting in the long hours and hard work that takes is your appreciation. Because we’ve got professional skills but an amateur spirit. Letters of thanks. Heartfelt smiles. Recommendations to family, friends. That’s what we really work for.


You Are Our #1 Priority

When you work with Gemini, your project is our number one priority. Our senior management and partners will be directly involved in the planning and organization of your program and you have a single contact point – a senior


member of our staff with years of experience. Your contact has the entire resources of the Gemini Group at their disposal and is dedicated to finding solutions to your needs – in the shortest possible time.


Guaranteed 24-hour Response

We guarantee that all queries, whether by e-mail, phone or fax, will be answered within 24-hours, and we are proud


to say that most queries are answered within the same business day.


Superior Relationships

Hat KolsYour Gemini contact and the Gemini team offer you the full benefits of their experience and the resources of the Gemini Group. The insights and know-how they put at your disposal are the keys to making your events and travel programs in Turkey a success.